hey cunts listen up my name is nicole theres a chance im psychotic but it's ok follow me u little shits

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this is me, and my best friend, Stephen. Lol, no, Smithy. Lol jk, still no, Bro. ;p
He is like my brother. In so many ways. He understands me, and even sometimes he doesn’t, but that’s okay because he listens to me anyway. Isn’t that what best friends are all about? He puts up with my complaining and I put up with his. We never get mad at each other, and even if we do, it’s like a 5 minute, “why would you do that….”…then goes to…”oh well, you’re crazy, but I still have your back!” Every time. He’s my bro and I’m his sis. I think no matter what life or our other relationships throw at us, we will always always be here for each other! :) <3 3 notesreblog
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omg omg omg

Macadelic is so fucking amazing

especially the song he does with Lil Wayne

I was so pumped to hear them together

waaa, it’s beautiful <3

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